1. deadlinejon:


    This is what happens to a basketball court when the pipes burst

    this is the greatest basketball challenge of all time

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  2. nonelikerae:

    I am in love with this

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  3. steamguy:

    MADmoiselle Meli H

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  5. maccosmetics:

    M∙A∙C Backstage at Max Mara SS15 Milan Fashion Week

  7. wzu:

    Venus, the sun, and an airplane.

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  8. thenintendard:

    Super Water World

    Project by Yann Silba-Loebnitz

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  10. steampunktendencies:

    Awesome Steampunk Batman seen at “Batman a través de la creatividad mexicana”  expo, Museo Mexicano del Diseño (MUMEDI), Mexico.  [ Via WB Home Mexico]